Frequently Asked Questions

Every great performer, whether an elite athlete, business legend or performing superstar, is surrounded by coaches and advisors.

As the pace in the world of business increases and becomes more and more competitive, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with changes in your industry, let alone the latest innovations in sales, marketing, and management strategies.

Having a Business Coach is no longer a luxury …it has become a necessity. On top of all this, it’s difficult to get a truly objective answer from yourself. Clearly you can survive in business without the help of a coach, but it’s almost impossible to reach your maximum potential!

No. While a business coach definitely does some consulting, a consultant does not coach.

A pure consultant is basically a specialist dealing with a certain area of business. For example, a consultant may be able to tell you how to eliminate waste in a manufacturing process. Typically, a consultant is project/problem specific, and details his or her findings in a report.

A coach does not concentrate on a single issue, does not necessarily prepare formal reports, does not concentrate on ONLY the business, and does not leave once a specific project is completed. A coach is there for you – 24hours a day – to help you, guide you, motivate you, improve you, and improve your entire business.

This is where we focus with every business owner-client. You and possibly some of your team will invest anywhere from three hours to a full day, as you learn as much as possible about your business and personal goals, your challenges, frustrations, sales, marketing, finances, and much, much more.

Your Business Coach will do this with three goals in mind: First to get a snapshot of where your business is, right now. Second, to clarify your goals, both personally and in your business. And third, to get the crucial pieces of information needed to create your individualised Business Plan for the next 12 months.

This is not a traditional business or marketing plan, but rather a step-by step plan that you’ll work with as you proceed through the program.

We’re experts in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, business management, and team building … and, with literally hundreds of different profit-building strategies, you’ll soon see how powerful our systematized approaches are. On the other hand, you are the expert in your business. Together we can apply our systems to make your business more effective.

Clearly, when your initial plan is set up, it might seem like a great deal of work … but then, no one ever said attaining your goals would be easy.

In the first few months, it’ll take some work to adjust, some effort to get over the hump, so to speak … but the further you get into the program, the less effort you’ll have to make.

You will, however, be literally amazed at how focused you’ll become and how much you’ll accomplish. With your focus, our coaching, and most importantly, our systems, you’ll be achieving a great deal more with the same, or even less work than before.

Again, the first few months will be the toughest … not because of extra work, but because of new tasks. Your coach will show you how, on a day-to-day basis, to get more done with less effort.

After those first few months you’ll find you’re not working more, just differently. Then, depending of course on your goals, from about month six onward, you’ll begin to see the results of all your efforts … and, if you choose, you can begin working less than ever before. It’s important to that remember it´s about changing what you do with your time … not putting in more of it.

Your investment will depend on the size of your business and the scope of our undertaking together. Your coach will work this out with you so it’s appropriate for your business and the goals and challenges you are committed to.

Everything you do with us is a true investment in your future. Not only will you begin to create great results in your business, but you’ll end up with both-an entrepreneurial education second to none, and the knowledge that you can repeat your business success over and over again on other ventures.

Results have ranged from those previously working 60, even 80 hours a week, to now working just 10 … right through to increases in revenue of 100´s to even 1000´s of percent.

We will work with you in five key areas … and the emphasis in each will depend on you, your business, and of course, your goals. These key areas are:

  • Sales … Obviously, the backbone for creating a profitable business, and one of the areas we’ll help you get spectacular results in.
  • Marketing & Advertising … If you want to make a sale, you’ve first got to find a prospect. Over the next 12 months your coach will teach you amazingly simple, yet powerful, streetwise marketing techniques and approaches that will drive profits.
  • Team Building & Recruitment … You’ll never just wish to find the right people again. You can have motivated, passionate, enthusiastic, and loyal team members when your Coach shows you how.
  • Systems & Business Development … End the hopeless cycle of the business running you and begin running your business. We will show you the secrets to having the business ´work´ … even when you’re not there.
  • Customer Service … How to deliver your product or service consistently, making it easy for your customers to buy, leaving them feeling delighted with your service. Ways to motivate your current customers to give you referrals and to ensure their repeat business. These are just two of the many strategies we will teach you.

Yes, we can. We believe providing training is as important as coaching you.

Your Coach can provide you with many different training modules, which include team-building, overcoming obstacles, managing change, sales made simple, telephone power, raving fans customer services training, and more. You’ll be amazed at how much enthusiasm and commitment comes from your team as they experience each of our training programs.

We can also provide testing and evaluation to help you gain perspective on opportunities for team development, hiring, discovering individual strengths, and more.

We do this to save you both time and money. You can learn the basics on your own time so when we get together we’ll be working on higher level implementations rather than the basics.

This proves to be very powerful. The reality is they’ll never get started unless they just start.

Others wait for something mystical or magical to happen that will instantly transform them and their business into the one of their dreams. Or, they believe just working harder will make it all better, but it almost never does!

There is no time like the present … right now … to get started on your dreams and goals.

Call a coach today. Some simple paperwork will have you on your way.

You’ll have to invest a few hours bringing your coach on to speed up your business. Together you’ll create a plan … and that’s when the work starts.

It may seem like a big job at first, but with a coach you’re sharing the load … and together you´ll accomplish great things.

Yesterday, of course! Seriously, Right Now! Today! This minute! Before you take another step! Waste another dollar! Lose another sale! Work too many more hours! Miss another family event! Forget another special occasion!

Far too many business owners wait. They wait for when things will slow down or to get through their current projects. Then, they never do because there is always some other project that comes up. They’re waiting for the perfect time to start.

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